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Traditional ancient art of Tahitian Appliqués: Tifaifai



A full range of interior decoration has been created and concentrated specifically on home linens: Bed sheet sets, duvet covers, bed covers, cushions.

The starting points of the company were the magnificent bed covers, hand-made in Tahiti, called “Tifaifais”.

This traditional ancient art of Tahitian Appliqués and match together brightly colored fabrics, giving Tifaifai Boutik this particular tropical style and trademark.

Collections are enriched with embroidered elegant and luxurious bed linen which answers the demand of occidental market. Of course, the Tifaifais inspired the collection with bright “Applications” and is being constantly renewed, to the delight of sunny countries customers.

The Art of Application

Embroidered by machine with our talented seamstress and assembled by hand.
Each item is unique.



Below, sketches to understand the technique of traditional Tahitian Tifaifais and derivative items such as sheet sets, duvet covers, tablecloth sets, etc..

Etape 1

Plain fabric

We draw and then cut the pattern in another fabric

Etape 2

Plain fabric

Pattern extraction from fabric

Etape 3 – Two variants

A – For Bed Sheets and Duvet Cover

We put the extracted pattern on the plain fabric…

…then sew it

B- For Tifaifai

We will place the fabric from which we extracted the pattern on the plain fabric…

By overlaying the 2 fabrics the color of the bottom is spring-appearing and a slight thickness is then obtained.

Appliqué (Tifaifai)

The Tifaifai is a Polynesian traditional work consisting of different colour fabrics “appliqués” and stitch together by an embroidery thread.

Reproducing the motif “appliqués”, the cutting and positioning of this motif on its background before final embroidery, represents all the necessary long steps for each model.


Classic embroidery is performed by skilled workers with an embroidery machine to realise the straight or curved seam which will form the relief bourdon stitching.

Coralie Embroidery

Coralie embroidery is a set of 6 to 10 threads joined together and « tied » by a last thread.

This new thread will be guided by the hand of the embroiderer to create the complex and unique motif related to this specific embroidery.

Few embroiderers are able to do this work and Tifaifai Boutik is the only one to offer this technique.

Chainstich Embroidery

Chainstich as its name suggests form a small chain. Only a machine designed for this type of embroidery and the worker trained for can « draw » the complicated patterns of Chainstitch.

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